Nonprofit Education Leaders Join Forces to Do More Good

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The Do More Good organization that exists to educate nonprofit organizations on the power of branding and marketing and Nonprofit Hub merge their digital content and conferences.


GRAND RAPIDS, MI (January 28, 2021) – West Michigan-based nonprofit education provider, Do More Good (DMG), has announced a merger with Nonprofit Hub. Nonprofit Hub is an educational resource for nonprofits based in Lincoln, NE. Together, the two brands will serve an audience of over 40,000 nonprofits throughout the United States.

Nonprofit Hub holds the position of being the “toolbox” of the nonprofit industry, helping nonprofits hone their craft and learn from leaders in the field. Through online resources like webinars, blogs, and courses, Nonprofit Hub has provided nonprofit education across the world.

“Do More Good was formed to help nonprofits move from good to growth through providing content, ideas, training, and access to world-class thought leadership,” said Bill McKendry, Founder and Board President of Do More Good. “Nonprofit Hub has been on the same mission and has been providing a larger variety of materials and content … and they also have an even larger and more established audience. Needless to say, together, we’re simply a greater force for good.”

 Do More Good was founded to help nonprofits understand the power of growing their awareness rather than only relying on fundraising. Originally, the organization relied on McKendry’s expertise but has now grown to feature content from world-renowned thought leaders and experts in marketing, communications, fundraising and nonprofit leadership.

Nonprofit Hub hosts an annual conference called Cause Camp each spring in Lincoln, NE (2020 and 2021 were virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic). Building off their momentum, Do More Good will rebrand their fall conference to use the same name (e.g., Cause Camp | Spring from Lincoln, NE and Cause Camp | Fall from Grand Rapids, MI). Both brands will remain active, with Do More Good serving as the parent brand for Nonprofit Hub content and events.

Katie Appold, who has led Do More Good since its incorporation in early 2019 will continue to serve as the executive director, overseeing both brands and respective teams from Do More Good headquarters in West Michigan.

Bill McKendry added: “The combination of our resources, talent, content, networks, and hearts under the leadership of Executive Director Katie Appold is simply … a really good thing. Good for our goals to reach more. Good for nonprofits who desire to have a greater impact. And good for the causes, people, and things that need greater support. Frankly, it’s what we always aim to do … help create win-win-win opportunities to do more good.”

 Moving forward, both brands will work to elevate thought leaders in the nonprofit sector. Together, they will serve the sector through content and experiences that are affordable, accessible, impactful, and fun.

 About DO MORE GOOD for Nonprofits (

DO MORE GOOD is a national platform designed to educate nonprofit organizations on the power of branding, marketing, and communications to capture retain and grow support for their mission. DO MORE GOOD publishes content, holds workshops, and has developed a flagship national conference for nonprofits that is held in Grand Rapids, MI each October.

 About Nonprofit Hub (

Nonprofit Hub was founded in 2014 as an online educational community dedicated to giving nonprofits the resources, they need to better their organizations and communities. Nonprofit Hub is the creator of Cause Camp (, a long-standing and popular nonprofit gathering held each May.