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What’s in a (brand) name?

If your product, service, or brand has a name that you believe is undifferentiated or not memorable, you may want to consider modifying it or changing it. While your current name may have some equity with certain audiences, it may be costing you more than what you could gain with a new name.

The heart + soul of your brand

Brand personality is one of seven key elements of a brand. And while I've described an organization's brand promise as the linchpin that holds all these separate key elements together, brand personality is really the heart and soul of a brand.

Recognize your Problem.

Every rehabilitation program recognizes various levels of problem or success stages. Doing MORE good is about the desire to be better by maximizing your organization's reach, potential, and impact. It's also about eliminating the barriers to achieving greater success.

The Enemy of DO MORE GOOD

DO MORE GOOD, with its whimsical name and effervescent call to action, might be expected to have a simple and direct enemy like BAD or EVIL or perhaps MEDIOCRE. While all those are in opposition to our purpose, they’re not our enemy.

Moving from Doing Good to Doing MORE Good

Imagine for a moment that you are at a critical point in your life. You're jobless and your savings account is dwindling fast. To make matters worse, your immediate and extended family members are all living with you and counting on you for support. And because of circumstances beyond their control, no one in your family is able to work except for you.

Setting your sights on the (right) targets

When an organization deploys tactics before putting energy into segmentation and targeting strategies, impatience is really driving its development approach. And that impatience can lead not only to “fire before aim" methods but also to “fire, fire, fire" programs that usually result in inefficiency and poor stewardship.

ROI squared

I've long advocated that nonprofits take a page from the playbook of successful brands: View dollars spent on marketing as an investment, not an expense. It's a simple principle — smart and sustained investments in your brand will lead to growth. When you grow, you can do more good.