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Follow the Upcoming Changes to Facebook Pages

Facebook announced earlier this month that they are beginning to roll out a New Pages Experience. Benefits of the new design include:

A redesigned layout that’s simpler and more intuitive

We’ve already seen some of this with minor design changes throughout 2020.

Dedicated News Feed to discover and join conversations, follow trends, interact with peers and engage with fans

Ideally, this will allow your brand to interact as a personality, i.e., like, follow, and engage with more ease. Less ideal, it seems like a new place for Facebook to feed ads.

Easy navigation between personal profile and Pages

Updated task-based admin controls giving trusted Page admins full control or partial access

Actionable insights and more relevant notifications

Safety and integrity features to detect spammy content and impersonator accounts


Buried in the release is the update that page likes will become a thing of the past. Whereas people could previously like your page and choose to unfollow it, with the new ‘experience,’ the only option will be to follow. In a way, this makes the popularity of pages a more genuine indicator of who is seeing your content, however, as Facebook has largely become a “pay to play” arena, it remains to be seen how much the page updates will impact organic views.


What does this mean for your page? Navigate over to your page insights to find out. Ideally, your total number of likes and followers are similar, or, even better, you have more followers than likes.


If the adverse is true, and you have more likes than followers, this means that those who once opted in to see your content have since opted out. It may be time to examine your Facebook strategy.


It’s important to note that remaining in “Classic” mode will be an option…at least for a while. Since you won’t lose anything of actual value with the upgrade (remember, if your likes weren’t following you, they never saw your content) this may be an opportunity to enjoy the benefits that often come with being an early adopter.


Want to learn more?

Check out this video from the 2020 DO MORE GOOD Nonprofit Conference covering Facebook (and Instagram) best practices for nonprofits from Kendra Sinclair of Facebook.

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