When I was 12 years old my best friend went to Prague with her family and mailed me a postcard.  As I studied the photograph of that faraway place and admired the colorful postage stamp, I vowed that someday I would travel the world too.  That was a defining moment that changed my future.  The goals I set in my personal life and for my business are shaped by that postcard. 

We have all had moments in our lives, large and small, to which we have had an emotional response.  Do these moments need to be left to chance or is it possible to create them? 

Creating a moment is essential to the success of a nonprofit organization’s event.  Your event goals must go beyond raising money.  There are other less tangible and quantifiable benefits that are equally, if not more important, to furthering your mission.  You want your attendees to have an emotional response that makes them feel passionate about your work and inspired to take action.

A time for expertise

A well-planned event appears effortless to the attendees, but if you have any experience with the planning process you are aware of the hours upon hours of behind the scene work that goes into the research, organization, and preparation.  An executive director may find themselves making more decisions about one event than they do in weeks of running a program – the stakes are high and the pressure is great.

An executive director, who has the task of planning a fundraising gala, could conservatively estimate that 50% of their time will be spent on event planning in the months leading up to an event.  This severely impacts the time that can be spent on other responsibilities such as program development and fundraising.  In addition, events often go hand in hand with labor intensive capital campaigns or year-end fundraising efforts.

Your organization may have the staff or volunteer capacity and skill set to take on the challenge of event planning and execution, but investing in expertise can help maximize your event while minimizing the drain on your team.  Spending resources on this service may seem extravagant upfront, but when you consider how much time your staff will spend on event planning versus their service to your organization’s mission, contracting a professional event planner makes sense.  

Simple adjustments to room layout, the way attendees move through a space, or the length of a presentation can help achieve the desired outcome.  Working with someone with industry knowledge can help you maximize your budget, identify the perfect venue, and choose tried and true vendors who provide the best service.  Onsite, they can expertly manage setup, audio visual, and all the logistics that will ensure the attendee experience is positive.  Think big and don’t settle for less than a defining moment.


Danielle Fogel, Owner

Mosaic Event Planning