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Tip #57 Give your Supporters *Opportunities* to Maximize their Stimulus Check


By the middle of January, the second stimulus will be fully dispersed. While some received their funds prior to the end of the year, many did not, removing the possibility of receiving a 2020 tax benefit for donating their portion of the government support.

Now, post-year-end and post-most fundraising campaigns, is there a way to inspire donors capable of gifting the stimulus to do so? Is it appropriate? Timely?

Present an Opportunity, Not a Request

The silent season that often follows year-end is a missed opportunity regardless of government stimulus. In fact, if your organization fell short of fundraising goals, consider presenting the deficit as an opportunity for your supporters to re-up or increase a monthly commitment or annual pledge. This year, especially, is a great time to make a reasonable ask that presents an opportunity for donors who may have received, but not needed, their stimulus check.

Be cautious of launching a “Donate the Stimulus” campaign or another overt request. You never know how your supporter’s situation may have changed, and keep in mind that many donors already donated their first stimulus check in April. Because of the broadly publicized campaign last spring, the hard work has already been done. The notion of donating the stimulus is already pretty widely known, you just need to make sure your opportunity is as well.

Consider the Size, Intent, and Purpose of the Stimulus

The second stimulus payment is far from adequate when it comes to meeting the needs of those who are laid off, unemployed, facing illness, or other pandemic-related struggles. If your organization has a way to further extend stimulus funds to meet needs, make sure your donors are aware. For example, many food banks can purchase large volumes of food for pennies on the dollar, further extending the reach and purpose of stimulus funds. Consider how your organization best helps those most impacted by the stimulus and build opportunities around those programs.


Katie Appold

Katie Appold, MPA
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