A membership for individuals or organizations who want to grow awareness and support for their mission so they can do more good!


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For businesses that prioritize social impact and nonprofit partnerships to do more good.

Individual membership provides resources, content, and training to help grow awareness and support for your mission.

An affordable plan for organizations that wish to provide discounted or free access to their team.

What to expect with a DO MORE GOOD Membership


Academic Conversation Actionable Advice

Journal articles and field reports have their place, but it’s not here. Thought leadership, actionable advice, and a little bit of humor is our style. We believe the sector is more likely to be improved when leaders on the ground are inspired and equipped with accessible information, research, and ideas.



Outside network expertise

If you want to find ways to serve your community better, sometimes the best thing you can do is step outside your community. A hallmark of Do More Good and Nonprofit Hub content is that we reach outside our network and geographic area to bring thought leaders from various sectors, areas, and backgrounds. Our annual conference is the flagship of this philosophy, featuring speakers who not only work in the sector but in the other sectors and fields that influence the nonprofit landscape.


Affordable and Accessible

The DO MORE GOOD Membership is one of the most affordable in the sector and our conference pricing is unparalleled in terms of value. We’re for the little guy, but we provide value that draws nonprofits of all sizes.

Why we’re a membership organization

Do More Good was built on a membership model because we didn’t want to compete with the organizations we were aiming to serve by soliciting donor support. Rather, we recognized that if everyone gave a little, we could build a network that would be able to offer its members world-class experiences and content.

A GOOD Purpose

Below is an excerpt from the story of Bill McKendry’s vision for DO MORE GOOD.

Sometimes, it’s easy to say, “this will do,” when you’re working in or with a nonprofit that has a tight budget and fewer resources. But “good enough” is just not sufficient when it comes to dealing with nonprofits that don’t have enough to do all the good that is needed. And in reality, more and more good is needed as our country and world seem to be drifting from a spirit of common good. The voices of division are speaking the loudest today and, at such a time as this, I and others believe strongly that the work, wisdom and message of DO MORE GOOD is needed and needs to take on this challenge with greater efforts for a greater impact.

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