Ideation Session

We want to talk to you! Tell us about your communication challenges, marketing ideas, or big dreams. Members of the DO MORE GOOD board of directors and select Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) will offer guidance and ask questions to help attendees work together to do more good. Please register for each event individually below.

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Julia Patrick, CEO

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Julia Patrick | Board Development + Retention

Friday, January 29th  11:00AM – 12:00PM EST

Bringing together expert panelists, instructors, and leaders in the nonprofit community, Patrick and her team have designed innovative programs that educate nonprofits on the issues that help them achieve their missions.
It started with live workshops and panel discussions aiming to move nonprofits towards efficiency and best practices.

From localized beginnings in 2014, by 2016 the American Nonprofit Academy worked with more than 2,000 nonprofit leaders and staff. In 2017 the organization moved their live content to an online portal giving 24/7 access to students.

Patrick continues to lead lectures, Board retreats, and keynote speeches in person. Her lively speaking style engages nonprofits and those who serve them. “I get to see the genius of nonprofit organizations daily,” she notes. With her Chalk Talk series, Julia delivers specific approaches, tools, best practices along with innovations that strengthen nonprofit communities and all they do. She travels across the globe spreading her messages of nonprofit success and advocacy with the mantra: When Nonprofits Succeed We All Succeed.

Andy Atkins

Andy Atkins

730 Eddy

Andy Atkins | Going Live for Beginners

Friday, February 26th  11:00AM – 12:00PM EST

If your organization hasn’t produced a live video yet, chances are you’re considering it. Whether it’s using Facebook Live or converting your fundraiser to a live stream format, ask Andy your questions to make sure you’re prepared. 

Meet the Subject Matter Expert: Andy Atkins

The fearless and always excited leader! Andy hails from the Big-Sky State and is always looking at the big picture. As a seasoned video professional with 20+ years of experience in television, news and multimedia production working for Fortune 500 companies and global brands; Andy has the experience and expertise to bring any content to life. As the CEO 730 Eddy Studios, Andy has built a strong team always ready for their next video project, nerd convention or Jurassic Park reference. Andy enjoys spending time with his amazingly patient wife, two awesome kids, Legos and cameras.

Mary Manier

Mary Manier, CTA, CTP, CTIS

Mary Manier | 2021 Event Forecast

Friday, March 26th  11:00AM – 12:00PM EST

Should we still plan to socially distance? Provide masks? What about continuing to offer a live stream option? This will be a busy session of Q&A. Talk to an expert with the inside track on events in 2021! 

Meet the Subject Matter Expert: Mary Manier, CTA, CTP, CTIS

Mary has spent nearly 40 years touting the wonders of Grand Rapids, MI to meeting planners. That makes her the longest-tenured Experience Grand Rapids team member and the person most deserving of the title “City Princess.”

Mary has seen Grand Rapids grow from a sleepy Midwest city to one of America’s coolest destinations. (Don’t take her word for it, Expedia says so!). She’s helped evolve our sales efforts to keep pace with the changes, and she continues to set an example for our staff and our industry. In 2019, she was named to the inaugural class of Connect Association’s 15 over 50 . Opens Quickview Modal, which salutes leaders who’ve moved the industry forward.

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