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Giving Tuesday Tip #28: Inform Donors & Earn Second Gifts

Wondering how you can raise more support from #GivingTuesday in 2020? Each day during November we’ll post a tip or idea to help your organization raise more support through #GivingTuesday. Check back daily for new tips!

Tip#28: Inform Donors & Earn Second Gifts

Keep your donors updated on your campaign progress at least once or twice during the day. It’s not surprising that a donor who gives on #GivingTuesday is 60-150% more likely to give again THAT DAY. Yes, the same day.

 Keep your donors motivated by informing them of campaign progress in a non-ask format that has an easy way to add support. For example, as mentioned in Tip# 12, using a fundraising thermometer with a donate button can be an easy – and not overt – way to keep the door to second or third gifts open. No one likes an unfinished campaign, especially those who are already invested in it.