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Giving Tuesday Tip #23 Prepare to Personify (Create a persona for #GivingTuesday donors)

Wondering how you can raise more support from #GivingTuesday in 2020? Each day during November we’ll post a tip or idea to help your organization raise more support through #GivingTuesday. Check back daily for new tips!

Tip#23: Prepare to Personify (create a persona for #GivingTuesday supporters)

I’ve put this one near the end of the list as you shouldn’t attempt to personify any donor before they’ve donated…you don’t know who they are yet! Prepare to get to know them by determining the key metrics that will help you design next year’s campaign. Here’s a way to get started:

  • What channels brought the most traffic?
  • What channels led to the most transactions?

From there, dig into the data. Most social channels offer insights and analytics that can help you identify the characteristics of your audience (see Tip#14 for links to guides for common channels and check out Hubspot’s Persona Tool to pull it all together). Knowing the gender, age, time of activity, and even device type can help you customize and tailor next year’s campaign. Make sure you’re gathering and storing these insights this year.