GivingTuesday 30 Tips
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Wondering how you can raise more support from #GivingTuesday in 2020? Each day during November we’ll post a tip or idea to help your organization raise more support through #GivingTuesday. Check back daily or use the button below to request that tips be sent directly to your inbox.

Make Sure Your Organization is Ready for Facebook Fundraising

Facebook remains the lead processor of #GivingTuesday donations. With an average of 15% of the total #GivingTuesday funds raised coming through Facebook, this is an area you do not want to overlook.

Applying for Facebook Fundraising Tools is a SLOW process. Plan on an average of three weeks for approval, but we’ve heard numbers as long as a year. Having your documentation ready to go is critical. Be prepared to send bank documentation dated within the past six months showing full organization name, full bank account number, full bank account holder name, official bank contact information, and logo.

Since most bank statements don’t disclose full account numbers, this is likely something you’ll need to make a special request for.

Additionally, the DOB’s and names of controlling parties (treasurer and executive director/president) may be required.

If you’re just now applying for Facebook Fundraising Tools, prepare a backup plan in case your organization is not approved in time. Placing a link to your donation page in a post is ok, but make sure the process is as clean, seamless, and as easy as possible.

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