Is DO MORE GOOD a local or national organization?

DO MORE GOOD (DMG) is based in West Michigan, however, our reach and intent is to serve nonprofits throughout the United States.


What is the difference between The Do More Good Movement for Business (domoregood.com) and DO MORE GOOD?

The Do More Good Movement is a social impact movement aimed at reclaiming capitalism for good. This movement licenses the name “Do More Good” for their work with for-profit entities. They are a collaborating partner of DO MORE GOOD and are based out of Lincoln, NE.


Does DO MORE GOOD consult directly with nonprofit organizations?

No. DMG is an educational entity that utilizes events, workshops, online content, and products as their primary communication channels. DMG will not contract with any specific nonprofit member unless it is for the purpose of a publicly offered event or organization training.

 We offer a “Recommended Resources” page that lists vendors and consultants who work directly with nonprofit organizations.


Is DO MORE GOOD a faith-based organization?

No. DMG is not incorporated as a faith-based institution, nor does it develop or deliver content exclusively for a faith-based market. Although there are no barriers to any organization benefiting from the wisdom and resources of DMG, the ethos and moral guidelines by which we operate are Christian.

 DMG does not restrict speakers from sharing their perspectives and beliefs as they relate to the topic on which they’re presenting.


How is DO MORE GOOD funded?

DO MORE GOOD is funded through private donor support and income earned through ticket sales, curriculum sales, product sales, referral fees, and membership fees.


What is the mission of DO MORE GOOD?

The mission of DO MORE GOOD is to educate nonprofit organizations on the power of branding and marketing to help them capture, grow, and keep support for their mission.


What is the relationship between Bill McKendry’s agency and DO MORE GOOD?

DO MORE GOOD (DMG) is housed at HAVEN | a creative hub, an advertising and marketing agency owned by the founder and chairman of DMG. HAVEN is a separate legal entity from DMG and although HAVEN provides in-kind donations of services to DMG there is no reciprocal relationship.

 DMG will not make direct recommendations of marketing agencies, including HAVEN. DMG offers a list of “Recommended Resources” which features member agencies, including HAVEN | a creative hub.