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TIP#58 You’re the Average of the 5 People You Spend the Most Time With

TIP#56 Break Free From the “Virtue” of Frugality

Don’t worry, cosmetics, smelly oils and juice cleanse sales are not included in the suggestions below. Check out these clever ways nonprofits are using partnerships and idle income streams to supplement their core revenue channels. Best of all, most of these bring awareness and the opportunity to tell your story to new audiences.

UPDATE [12.7.20]

DO MORE GOOD is excited to share that we will now be offering select workshops and webinars that qualify for CFRE Continuing Education Credits! Our first offering is An Amplified Message on 2.11.21 which is worth two credits. 

UPDATE [10.14.20]

The DO MORE GOOD Nonprofit Conference videos are now posted on the Exclusive Content page, as well as on the main page for the event. Make sure you’re logged in before trying to access. 

UPDATE [10.5.20]

The DO MORE GOOD Nonprofit Conference recordings are still available on the Crowd Cast platform. If you were a ticketholder, you can still log in and access these recordings and the Q&A. The recordings will be moved over to the membership platform for permanent hosting soon!

UPDATE [10.1.20]

The former DO MORE GOOD Member Platform will remain active until 11/1/20, however, no new content will be posted. All content previously posted on that platform has been moved over to this website and can be found under the “Exclusive Content” tab. 

UPDATE [9.24.20]

Events for the remainder of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021 have been posted! Check them out on the Events page, or click here for a PDF list. 

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